How to play to PICTURE DUEL?

1.- You have to register as Picture Duel user

2.- Find an opponent to play a game with. The opponet can be a friend or a randon opponent

3.- Once inside the game you will have to answer a question about an image covered by 36 boxes. Just when you turn the first box, the question is displayed and you will have one minute to answer  successfully turning the minimum number of boxes. The winner is the player who answer correctly turning fewest boxes. The winner gets a star. In case of a tie the players wont get stars.

4.- If you turn between 15 and 35 boxes we will give you clues about the answer. If you turn all boxes we will tell you the correct answer.

5.- If you hit the question turning only one box and your opponet turns two or more boxes, you will steal a star to your opponent!

6.- The winner of the game is the player who first gets 5 stars

7.- In the MAIN MENU, you can view the status of the games:

- Green: Your turn
- Orange: Opponents turn
- Red: Finished games